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Client Updates

Important changes to Online Banking - effective March 2013

Following our update to you on 2nd August, we would like to remind of following amendments to your online banking service:

  • Since 21st November, your incoming payments have been received using the Faster Payments Scheme and will arrive in your Account within 2 hours.
  • You can now use the Faster Payments Scheme for outgoing payments, meaning your funds will reach the receiving bank quicker (by the next banking day).

Please note that Faster Payments are only available where the bank holding the recipient account is a member of the Faster Payments Scheme.

  • Since 13th November 2011, to transfer funds between separate Accounts within St. James's Place Bank you will have been using the Make Payments process rather than the Move Money process. Please note you still need to use the Move Money process to transfer funds between facilities in the same St. James's Place Bank Account.

Making overpayments to your mortgage

If you are considering making an overpayment into your mortgage, please be aware that should you wish to subsequently reclaim these funds at a later date, you will need to call us on 0345 602 6200 to complete a built-up reserve application. Successful withdrawal of these funds will be subject to our lending criteria.


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