When you’ve lost someone close to you, organising their finances will be the last thing on your mind. Below you’ll find all the helpful information you need to know, and the next steps you can take.

Your Next Steps

Step 1: How to let us know if you have lost someone?

Please send the original death certificate or a verified copy to our Bereavement Service Centre at the address below:

St. James’s Place Bank
Administration Centre
PO Box 889

Step 2: What happens next

Once we receive the documents we will contact you with details about the account and how to pay the necessary bills (i.e. funeral bill or inheritance tax). We will also send you a letter which gives information about the next steps and how to settle the estate.

Our dedicated bereavement team will look into your case on an individual basis. They will keep in regular contact with you so you are aware of the progress.

Step 3: How to get in touch with other banks

If you need to contact other banks about the bereavement, you can use the free Death Notification Service.

For more information please visit our Bereavement guide (PDF, 580KB).