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How do I apply for a payment holiday?

1. Log into online banking and send us a secure message with your request.

By requesting a payment holiday in this way, you agree that:

- you and anyone else named on this mortgage understand that your monthly payments will increase as a result of this payment holiday

- you only need this payment holiday due to coronavirus (Covid-19) related reasons

- you and anyone else named on the mortgage are aware that you will need to review any insurance policies which are calculated on the balance of your mortgage

- your mortgage payments are fully up to date or your mortgage is less than 6 months in arrears and you have opted not to speak with us to review alternative options before applying for a payment holiday.

You must provide the following information in your message

  • Your title
  • Your first name
  • Your surname
  • Your telephone number (mobile if held)
  • Your 10-digit mortgage account number
  • How long you would like to take a payment holiday; one, two or three months

2. Completing our payment holiday request form (PDF, 112KB) and email this back to us, to If you send us an email, the message may not be secure and there is a risk that it could be intercepted. This form captures personal information and if you choose to send an 'unsecure' email your personal data could be at risk. If you'd prefer, you can print the completed form, and send it to us. Our address is:

St James's Place Bank
PO Box 889

Once you've submitted your payment holiday request, you don't need to call us

We'll send you a letter to let you know if you can take a payment holiday. Please allow up to ten working days for a response.

Please do not cancel any future payments until you have received a letter of confirmation.

If you pay by Direct Debit

  • You will need to take no further action as we will automatically suspend and reinstate your Direct Debit when your payment holiday comes to an end.

If you pay by any other method

  • Once we have confirmed your payment holiday has been approved, you must cancel any existing payment arrangements you have (for example a standing order).
  • Once your payment holiday has ended, you must ensure you re-instate these ensuring your new payment amount has been adjusted accordingly.

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