Current account

St. James's Place Bank no longer offers new current accounts to new and existing clients.

The St. James’s Place Bank current account is a fully functional account.

At a glance

  • We pay 0.05% (gross/AER) variable interest on your current account, calculated on the basis of daily balances
  • You will have a Gold Chip & PIN Visa debit card which enables you to draw up to £500 per day from any LINK ATM
  • Direct debit, standing order and bill payment services are available
  • The card may be used abroad for both purchases and cash withdrawals. More about withdrawing cash abroad
  • Overdraft arrangements are available.


An arranged overdraft can be used as a short-term safety net to cover unexpected bills or payments. 

More about overdrafts

Making payments

Take a look how we make it easier for you to pay the right person. 

Confirmation of Payee

Using your debit card abroad

Find out more about how you can use your debit card abroad. 

Withdrawing cash abroad

Interest rates and charges

Find out how we calculate interest rates and charges. 

Interest rates and charges 

Previous interest rates

Here you can find the previous interest rates and charges for our current account. 

Previous interest rates and charges 

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