St. James's Place Bank Secure

St. James's Place Bank Secure is a free service that gives you extra protection when shopping online. It offers secure internet shopping when using your St James's Place Bank credit or debit card to pay for goods and services at participating retailers' sites.

The service will assess each transaction and your card details are either automatically verified or, in some cases, you will be required to provide information for further verification.

This means that you can safely shop online, with fewer interruptions, knowing that St. James's Place Bank Secure is helping protect you from fraud.

For further information please read the St. James's Place Bank Secure frequently asked questions and Terms of Use.

You're in safe hands when you shop online with St. James's Place Bank Secure

We want you to feel absolutely confident that you can shop online safely and securely. Clients registered for our online banking service already benefit from our online guarantee, and now St. James's Place Bank Secure will help protect you too.

Be aware that fraudulent emails, alleging to be from various UK banks, have been sent out encouraging people to visit a website where personal card or internet security details are then requested. This is known as "phishing".

St. James's Place Bank will never send emails which ask for confidential information or your security details. If you think you have received such an email, please delete it immediately without responding or visiting any website details. If you are concerned that you may have divulged any details, please call us on 0345 602 6200.

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